Week 1 – Kolb’s Redemption?

It was a late one and boy was it a tense finish. The Cardinals’ Week 1 game against Seattle Seahawks had it all – great plays, mishaps and odd calls from the replacement officials…but, when all was said and done, it was an unlikely hero taking the plaudits. 

After a less than impressive showing in their 5-game pre-season fans (myself included) feared the worst for the season ahead – quarterback issues with neither looking like they could take the reigns and be the starter heading into the season, an offensive line with both veteran tackles ruled out for the season and a general feeling that this season was bound to be a huge, uphill struggle right from the start.

It could still turn out to be the case, we all know how last season began after a win over Carolina in Week 1, but against all odds it was the Cardinals that have the 1-0 record. Much to my surprise, I thought it’d be a very close game but with the Seahawks coming out on top…I like being wrong at times like this.

But, had it not been for one big drive in the fourth quarter, it could have quite easily gone the other way.

Kevin Kolb, the much-maligned quarterback, was seemingly the hero in the fourth quarter. Coming into the game, this time due to an injury suffered by John Skelton, is usually a bad thing for Kolb as it takes him a while to get acclimatized to the game but he got a spluttering offence moving down the field as well as commanding the no-huddle offence with relative ease.

Capping off the drive with a touchdown to Andre Roberts to give the team a 20-16 that the Seahawks, no matter how they tried, couldn’t overturn to give the Cardinals a Week 1 victory over their divisional rivals.

The main talking points from the game;

Skelton’s injury – it was apparent that we were getting nowhere with Skelton as the quarterback in the second half which, given his decent showing in the first half, was bizarre to say the least. Before the injury he completed 1 pass in the second half for a total of 3 yards. Shocking.

There was some good news about his injury though in the hours following the game where it was announced that he had not broken his ankle but is suffering a high-ankle sprain. I’m not a doctor but surely that’s a good sign? Unless, of course, it’s a high-ankle sprain like Sam Bradford suffered last year – an injury which lingered and affected his performance.

Here’s hoping that’s not the case with John Skelton. Otherwise we’re back to Kevin Kolb as our starter…

Lack of a running game – this was a bit of a concern for me (and not just because I was hoping Ryan Williams would have a big game for fantasy football purposes) as neither Williams or Wells had a big impact on the running game. LaRod Stephens-Howling got a TD early in the game but that’s not the point, plus it was from 1 yard out.

Whether it was an offensive line issue  like I like to think it was or a case of them being not good enough remains to be seen. The Seahawks defence was bound to be a factor as well, making sure there was no room for them to run into.

The fact that Andre Roberts was  our leading rusher says it all. There was an issue with our running game – let’s hope it was just a blip

Daryl Washington – Daryl Washington was absolutely phenomenal throughout. Showing exactly why he got himself such a big extension – he was everywhere; leading the team with 10 tackles and chipping in with a sack as well.

Sure, he may not have the recognition of the league like Patrick Willis does, but damn is he a good player. If he carries on with this sort of production, he’ll finish with 160 tackles and 16 sacks. If he is able to finish with statistics like that, then maybe he will finally get some form of recognition.

We love him though.

The defence in general – The defence didn’t have a great pre-season but as soon as the games really mattered, boy did they show up in a big way! The constant blitzes, the ridiculous amount of pressure put on rookie Russell Wilson, the shutting-down of their running game and great coverage by the secondary – Ray Horton has an amazing scheme that allows the players to flourish.

It’s likely that, given the offensive shortcomings that are bound to plague the team this season, the defence will need to be able to hold teams to field goals for the most part and possibly win games for the team. Given the talent there, it’s definitely something that they are capable of doing.

Replacement officials – the sooner that we get the proper officials back, the better. These guys are awful and give the impression off that they don’t know what they are doing. Whether it’s not knowing what is and what isn’t pass interference or how many timeouts a team has remaining, it’s an absolute farce.

It’s destroying the enjoyment of what is an amazing league. I read there were issues in the prime-time game last night so, if that doesn’t force the NFL to get a deal sorted out with the normal referees, nothing will.

Roger Goodell. Get it sorted!

So, with Week 1 in the bag, it’s off to Foxborough for Week 2 as the Cardinals take on the New England Patriots!

Until then…

The Lucky 53

So, the pre-season is done and dusted (less said about that the better), which can only mean one thing – the NFL season is just a matter of days away. Correct. But not before the pre-season roster is trimmed down to 53. 

That happened a couple of days ago so who are the lucky 53 Arizona Cardinals that will wear Cardinal red/red-and-white/black this coming season? 


John Skelton
Kevin Kolb
Ryan Lindley

Skelton’s taken over as starting quarterback meaning that Kevin Kolb is now the most-expensive back-up QB in the entire NFL…probably. It’s not a massive surprise, Kolb has been distinctly average (and that’s being kind) since joining the Cardinals whereas John Skelton has been above average (and that’s being kind) so probably wins it on that fact alone.

Ryan Lindley is the third-string (or is it second?) quarterback owing to Richard Bartel’s injury release…as well as out-playing his more experience counterpart in the pre-season. Will he be the QB of the future? Who knows for sure – he could be but, say this season is a complete disaster, will he ever get a look in when Matt Barkley becomes a Cardinal?


Beanie Wells
Ryan Williams
LaRod Stephens-Howling
William Powell

Anthony Sherman

Not overly surprised by any of the names here – Beanie is our number one back. But, the question is for how long? Ryan Williams, back after the torn patellar tendon injury he suffered last pre-season, has looked very good in limited action and could quite quickly surpass Wells in the depth chart.

LaRod is, to a certain extent, our Darren Sproles. A good third-down option with good catching and is a nifty runner in the open field – he’s probably next in line for a new contract following Daryl Washington’s recent re-signing – and could be a big part of the offence behind the main two backs. Powell impressed enough in pre-season to beat out Alfonso Smith for the fourth spot at RB – chances are he won’t get too many carries in the regular season but, having led the NFL in pre-season rushing yardage, it seems only right that he is included.

Anthony Sherman, beast on special teams and easily the best FB that the Cardinals have had on their roster for sometime. Never in any doubt that he was going to make it into the final 53. 

Wide Receivers

Larry Fitzgerald
Andre Roberts
Early Doucet
Michael Floyd
LaRon Byrd

Larry Fitzgerald obviously leading the way here, easy choice when he’s amongst the leagues best wideouts (the homer in me would rank him above Calvin Johnson…but I know plenty would disagree) and always seems to produce whoever the quarterback is that is throwing to him. Andre Roberts is a decent #2 option but, once Michael Floyd shows why he’s a first round pick, will probably revert to a #3 option on the offence. Early Doucet is another who has shown flashes of potential but, as we saw last season, is prone to the occasional drop – maybe he should borrow some of Fitz’s gloves! LaRon Byrd makes the team after an impressive showing in camp/practice/pre-season but, unlike Stephen Williams before him, looks like he has some potential there – must be the Fitz-like dreadlocks.

Tight Ends

Todd Heap
Jeff King
Rob Housler
Jim Dray

Todd Heap’s in a contract year so I guess we’ll see him a lot this year, unless he gets injured – which seems likely, it’s Todd Heap after all – and can’t play. He’s not done much since joining from Baltimore and wouldn’t be surprised if he is released at the end of the season. After all, Rob Housler is the future of the position for us…that is if he stops dropping passes. Maybe he should get some of Fitz’s gloves as well.

Offensive Linemen

Daryn Colledge
Lyle Sendlein
Adam Snyder
Bobbie Massie
Jeremy Bridges *
D’Anthony Batiste
Senio Kelemete
Rich Ohrnberger
Nate Potter
Pat McQuistan **

Levi Brown is gone!!! But, before you get too excited, it’s only because he is on IR and isn’t able to play. The loss of Brown also means that we’re likely heading into the season with D’Anthony Batiste starting at LT with Bobbie Massie at RT…good luck who ever is the quarterback. Whoever thought we’d ever hear people wanting Levi and Jeremy Bridges (*also on IR) back starting?

#SnydEdgeLein is the internal part of our line, so at least there’s some continuity in there, but backing them up are rookie Kelemete, Ohrnberger and McQuistan (**he’s able to play all positions on the line, aside from center, apparently). Nate Potter also makes it to the 53-man roster – it’s a shame he isn’t Harry Potter and could cast a spell on our OLinemen and make them awesome.

Defensive Linemen

Darnell Dockett
Dan Williams
Calais Campbell
Nick Eason
David Carter
Vonnie Holliday

Darnell Dockett, a slimline Dan Williams and a now-mega-rich Calais Campbell make up the rather impressive (on paper) starting defensive line – would be good to see them show that potential on the field every game. They’re three very good players though and do what they’re asked to do very well and hopefully we will be able to see Campbell have this breakout season that everyone is expecting.

The back-up DLine of Eason, Carter and Holliday isn’t terrible either – in fact they could probably put up a pretty decent fight as starters, especially Carter who out-performed first-round pick Dan Williams last year. Holliday is getting on in years as well, wouldn’t surprise me to see him call it a day at the end of this season.


O’Brien Schofield
Daryl Washington
Paris Lenon
Sam Acho
Reggie Walker
Stewart Bradley
Quentin Groves
Jamaal Westerman ***

Daryl Washington’s been richly rewarded for his impressive start to his career in Arizona and will solidify his status as one of the top young inside linebackers in the entire league. Paris Lenon, again anointed defensive captain with Adrian Wilson, remains starter alongside him but, after an impressive pre-season, it could only be a matter of time before Stewart Bradley takes over that role. 

We’re still waiting for O’Brien Schofield to show why he was once rated as a potential first-round pick but, whilst we wait, at least rookie Sam Acho delivered last year so there’s some hope at the OLB position. Back-up Clark Haggans is done, so it’s down to ex-Raider Quentin Groves (who had an impressive pre-season) and newcomer Jamaal Westerman to back up the two young starters.

Defensive Backs

Patrick Peterson
Adrian Wilson
Kerry Rhodes
William Gay
Greg Toler
Jamell Fleming
Michael Adams
Rashad Johnson
Justin Bethel
James Sanders

That’s a big group of defensive backs! Lead by safety tandem Adrian Wilson and Kerry Rhodes, there’s some potential here that’ll hopefully be realised this coming season – Peterson will hopefully push-on and prove there’s more to him than just electric return skills. Opposite him there’s plenty of competition, William Gay is the current starter but his inability to tackle in pre-season probably means he’s on a short-ish leash. Greg Toler will probably end up starting at some point, provided he can show he is over his injury.

For the future there is the likes of Jamell Fleming (yet another player who had an impressive pre-season showing) and Justin Bethel at safety. Bethel’s already made plays on special teams and will, along with Michael Adams, be a mainstay on them until his coverage skills improve. 

Special Teams

Jay Feely
Dave Zastudil
Mike Leach

Jay Feely had an up-and-down pre-season, putting it nicely, but did enough to prove he can still be a starter but at 37-years-old it remains to be seen how long he has left. Zastudil probably saved himself with an OK showing in pre-season but, like Feely, it won’t be long before the Cardinals decide to get younger at the positions. 

Mike Leach…he’s a long-snapper. What more is there to say about him?

Looking Back At The Hall Of Fame Game

The good news is that NFL football is back! After months of waiting since the Giants won the Superbowl (and me a nice amount of money in the process), we actually have a feast of football to look forward to for the remainder of 2012 and into 2013.

The bad news…well, I think we’ll get to that. 

Sure it was only the Hall of Fame game but regardless, I stayed up until 4.30am to catch it all.

There were some things worth staying up for, others…not so much.
Some rookies impressed, some senior players did not.

Here are a few points I took from the game;

Kevin Kolb blew his chance… – I’m not one to get on a guys back unnecessarily and have been very patient when it comes to Kolb. But slowly that patience is running out; following his not-so-great performances in Training Camp, Kolb was still named starter for this game.  Fine I thought, let’s give him a chance and see if he can make amends and silence the doubters – first pass of the game he throws a horrific pick.


Then, to make matters worse, he goes and gets himself injured by not getting rid of the ball quick enough and taking an unnecessary hit to rule him out of any further participation in the game with a rib contusion. Still, he found time to laugh about it on the sidelines later on…will we see another Derek Anderson-esque meltdown if Kent Somers is let loose to question him?

He did put himself in the firing-line when he turned into a lead-blocker for LaRod Stephens-Howling though…not that it was a great block, but at least he got himself in the way.

whereas John Skelton took advantage of his opportunity – Yes Skelton still made some glaringly obvious errors but, unlike Kolb, he seems capable of taking a hit. Maybe he shouldn’t have to if the OL was better at stopping the pressure getting to him but, regardless, he looks a lot more poised in the pocket and less skitty than Kolb does. Sure, his decision making still needs to get better, but at the moment I’m edging closer to wanting him to take over as starter. Let’s see if he gets the starters role vs Kansas City game in 4 days.

Maybe that’ll be a lot more straight-forward if Kolb is still being a bitch and isn’t able to play. Then it’ll be Skelton starting.

Second Year Cardinals showing up – Namely TE Rob Housler, LB Stewart Bradley and DT David Carter. Yeah, we all know that Carter is a good player and showed it last year when Dan Williams struggled and got injured, but it was still great to see him getting pressure on the opposing QB and generally being a beast on the defensive line.

Housler, we all know is athletically gifted, but rarely did he get a chance to show what he is capable of in his rookie year as he struggled with injuries. Last night though he made a handful of really good catches; disappointingly he had one bounce out of his hands which he really shouldn’t have done and was denied an easy TD when he surged past his opposite CB and was on his way to the end zone, only for the QB to look elsewhere, disappointing.

Stewart Bradley was, arguably, the star performer on the defensive side of the ball. He had substantial time in the defence, more after Paris Lenon was injured at the end of the first drive. He made some good tackles, looked decent in coverage and had a sack to go with his nights work.

May want to work on his dancing though…

Rookies Making A Name Already – It’s no surprise that Michael Floyd had some good plays last night, that’s the minimum you’d expect from your first round pick. He put in some decent blocks, as you’d expect from a physical receiver like him, and had a good 15 yard gain on his first catch in the NFL.

Jamell Fleming had an impressive outing and, like Bradley, received a substantial amount of reps throughout as the slot corner. UDFA Safety Blake Gideon made a couple of big plays, picking off a Chase Daniel pass in the endzone and then snuffing out a screen pass for minimal (if any) gain, and gave his chances of sticking around the 53-man roster no harm at all.

But all paled in comparison to fellow rookie Justin Bethel – he had a very impressive first outing. Making 4 tackles, laying out the Saints punt returner with a massive hit and then used his speed to block a field goal late on. He’s got to make the roster, no?

Ryan Lindley – I wouldn’t get too excited about the rookie out of San Diego State just yet (even though I am a fully fledged member of #TeamLindley) but, as far as debuts go, there wasn’t much he did wrong. The interception I believe is more down to a great play from the Saints player more than it was an error of judgement on Lindley’s part.

As long as he’s given time to adjust to the NFL, iron out those small details that are holding him back at the moment and not forced to play before he is completely ready, he could be a big player in future years. Helpful given the current QB situation in Arizona!

Alfonso Smith – behind Beanie Wells, Ryan Williams and LaRod Stephens-Howling, there is space for a fourth running back.  After last nights showing, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Smith that fills that hole – had some very good gains, looks capable of making people miss tackles and found his way into the endzone. He’s a keeper in my eyes, even if it’s just as a last resort back-up, he has plenty to offer.

It wasn’t all good news though, there were a few things that I was disappointed in.

None more so that what seemed like a complete inability for guys to make tackles. So many were broken by Saints players – hopefully this was just a case of it being their first game and it will quickly be rectified. If not, we’re in trouble…

Bobbie Massie had a poor game. Granted he’s only a rookie but I think it’ll stop people from demanding him as starter material straight away – he needs time to develop into an NFL-calibre offensive tackle, thankfully we can give him time as we have a steady (but unspectacular) guy sat there at the moment. Hopefully there will be better things to come from the OT in future.

That’s out of the way though, in 4 days time we do it all over again when the team take on the Kansas City Chiefs.

In that time, I can recover from the late night I had watching this game!

Until next time…

Skelton vs. Kolb II

It would seem that we are heading into yet another off-season where the Arizona Cardinals have no clue as to who is their starting quarterback; fans are divided, so-called “experts” are similarly unsure and it would appear that the coaching staff aren’t sure either. What a palava! 

Since the heady days of Kurt Warner leading the side to back-to-back NFC West titles (and the small matter of a Superbowl appearance along the way), there hasn’t been a true successor to the Hall-of-Famer-in-waiting.

Matt Leinart tried, failed and was cut in the process.

Derek Anderson tried, failed and was cut in the process.

Max Hall tried, failed, got injured and (you guessed it) was cut in the process.

But one competitor remained throughout all this; their 2010 5th round pick out of Fordham University – the one they call John Skelton.

Originally he was seen to be drafted as something of a ‘project’ quarterback behind Matt Leinart – someone that would hopefully improve to an NFL standard given time in a back-up role. But, when Leinart was cut in pre-season, Skelton was thrust into the third Quarterback role behind Derek Anderson and fellow rookie Max Hall.

Derek Anderson sucked in his tenure as starting QB and was eventually dropped for Max Hall. Hall was similarly awful but, somehow fluked a win against the New Orleans Saints, so it was left to Skelton to see the team through the final games of what was a disastrous campaign.

He did that with 2 wins and 2 losses, throwing 2 touchdowns and 2 interceptions in the process.

2011 came about and, as expected, the Cardinals added another Quarterback to their roster.

Trading with the Philadelphia Eagles, they picked up their back-up Kevin Kolb  for the princely sum of a 2nd round Draft pick and cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie.

Naturally, having given up such a vast amount to pick him up, Kolb was named the starter and no one really batted an eyelid – Kolb should have been winning games with Skelton carrying on his NFL education as his back-up. But, such is life, things never went according to plan.

First there was the NFL lockout that everyone had to contend with. No Organised Team Activities, very little practice time – in essence, Kolb was going to be learning a whole new offence on the go; not an ideal situation in anyone’s book.

Kolb vs Skelton I, was in force. Some fans believed that Skelton should be starting as, unlike Kolb, he had a much better understanding of the Cardinals offence than the recently-acquired ex-Eagles QB. On the other hand, some believed that Kolb should start regardless considering what was given up for him – he’s an NFL-calibre quarterback; surely he could pick up an offence whilst running it?

Even after Kolb’s impressive Cardinals debut (18/27, 309 yards, 2 Touchdowns) in the Week 1 win over Cam Newton’s Carolina Panthers, it was still not enough for some that believed Skelton should be starting.

They got their wish not too long after though as Kolb suffered a turf-toe injury and was forced to sit out a few games. John Skelton came in as starter and performed rather admirably as he led the team to wins over the St Louis Rams both at home and away and the Philadelphia Eagles. Sandwiched in amongst that success was a rather hideous performance against divisional rivals San Francisco where Skelton was benched in favour of third-string QB Richard Bartel – highlighting that, whilst he may have had some success, there were still ways to go before Skelton would be deemed a starting calibre QB in the NFL.

Kolb returned for the Cardinals’ Week 13 Overtime win over the Dallas Cowboys and led them to the victory, aided by a 52 yard touchdown from LaRod Stephens-Howling. 

But that proved to be the final foray into the NFL in 2011 as, in the next game against San Francisco, Kolb was knocked out of the game with a concussion after being hit in the back of the head by a stray 49er knee. It was the last that the team would see of him on the field that year and gave Skelton another chance to impress as he closes out the season as the starter.

In the final 3 games of the season, Skelton led the team to wins over Cleveland Browns and Seattle Seahawks as well as losing to the Cincinnati Bengals – finishing his second season in the league with a 5-2 record and being one of the big reasons (aside from the much-improved Ray Horton-led Defence) in the team recovering to a respectable 8-8 record.

Fast-forward to May 2012.

Kevin Kolb is no longer concussed.
John Skelton is still ‘winning’ (despite losing 4 of his 11 games as starter…so doesn’t ‘always win’).

All that and we’re still no closer to figuring out who will be the starter for the 2012 season.

Thankfully that’s about 90-odd days away so it’s not like it needs to be decided right now but surely it would be better to give the #1 guy the majority of the reps NOW sooner rather than later?

At this moment in time, they are splitting reps so that on one day Kolb will take the starter reps and the following day it’ll be given to Skelton.

As a fan I really hope this does not go on for too much longer.

We NEED to know who is the starter.
They NEED to know who is the starter.

Preferrably before the Red and White practice in August.

So, as we wait to figure out who should be the starter this season coming, who do YOU think should be the starter and why? 

Until then, I’m off to see if Dana White is interested in putting Skelton vs. Kolb II on an upcoming PPV.*


*if you don’t have any interest in the UFC, this will be lost on you.

2012 NFL Draft Recap

As a Cardinals fan, I am pretty happy with our draft picks in general – didn’t have as many picks as some teams did but, what we did have, we made very smart picks; several of which could easily be starting for us on the first day of the new season.

May as well start off with the selection of Michael Floyd – delighted with this pick; along with David DeCastro and Melvin Ingram, Floyd was a guy I wanted us to take with the 13th overall pick. Plenty ‘mocked’ us to get someone like Reiff but, as is the Cardinals way, we take OL talent later on (more on that later) and it seems to have worked for the most part.

Floyd is exactly what we’ve been missing since Anquan Boldin left for Baltimore and, naturally, the comparisons to Q have already been made. You can see why though, both very physical receivers with great hands – may not be the quickest of guys but, what they lack in that department, they make up with toughness and reliability. He’s had his off-the-field issues in the past but says that they are now behind him – the presence of Larry Fitzgerald in the locker room will keep him on the straight and narrow regardless.

Delighted with that selection anyway – he’s going to be my next jersey purchase put it that way.

No second round picks so into the third we go – that’s where the team selected Oklahoma cornerback Jamell Fleming. This pick surprised me somewhat, especially when we’ve already signed up William Gay from Pittsburgh as well as already having AJ Jefferson and Michael Adams on the roster with Greg Toler and Crezdon Butler coming back from injuries – that looks, on paper, a pretty crowded group.

What does Fleming offer that they don’t? Well, going from reports on the guy, I’ve pieced together that he’s ‘physical at the LOS’, ‘good vs the run’ (key in the West), ‘ball-hawk’, ‘shut-down corner in the Big 12’. Keep seeing the play he makes vs Texas this past season in all his highlights; strips the receiver of the ball, takes it 60 yards for a touchdown, impressive. Sounds like he could be an ideal player alongside Peterson once he makes it into a starting role sometime down the line.

The fourth round and finally, the offensive line was addressed – OT Bobbie Massie, a guy that many ‘mocked’ to different teams in the 2nd-3rd rounds of the draft fell to the grateful Cardinals. With losses to the line over the free-agency period, it’s likely that he’ll put him out on the right side of the line to compete with Jeremy Bridges…comfortably beating the veteran a few games into the season no doubt, if he doesn’t already overtake him in pre-season.

It was pretty surprising to see the Mississippi State guy available in the fourth round but the Cardinals won’t care – they could have picked up their RT of the future as one of the biggest steals of the draft class…but, then again, he’s not even played a snap in the league yet so I’ll be leaving the exaggerations to others…

The next pick in the fifth round also saw the Cardinals adding another body on the offensive line; picking up versatile Washington lineman, Senio Kelemete. He’s projected to play as a guard and will probably be back-up to Adam Snyder on the right side – it’s another pick that was pretty well received and gives the Cardinals something that they’ve not had for a while; young back-ups that will continue to progress under the stewardship of hall-of-fame lineman-turned-coach Russ Grimm.

After trading Tim Hightower to the Redskins, the Cardinals had 2 picks in the 6th round. With the first of them (the one that belonged to Washington) they added another versatile defensive back – Presbyterian’s Justin Bethel. He could play CB but, in all honesty, will probably not get any playing time there given the abundance of talent already in the team. He’s something of a beast on special teams as well having blocked NINE punts/kicks in his career – if he carries on like that in the NFL then he could become a massive part of the Cardinals ST unit.

The only pick I was scratching my head at was the next selection BUT, having considered it and checking him out, I am pretty happy with the selection of San Diego State quarterback Ryan Lindley. Kolb SHOULD be the starter this year with John Skelton providing back-up, but Lindley could surpass Skelton down the line – he’s got a huge arm on him but sometimes makes poor decisions; that seems to be the consensus opinion so if, unlike Skelton, he’s given time to develop and iron out those issues, then maybe he’ll become an NFL-calibre starter…

The last pick of the draft went on Boise State OT, Nate Potter. Another lineman! Well, for years he’s been part of one of the stingiest offensive lines in college football – protecting Kellen Moore from being completely obliterated by beastly defensive linemen. He’s another that needs some work but, like Kelemete, he’s got someone with a decent pedigree to learn from.

Overall I’m going to give the team a B+ grade for the selections available – didn’t bring in any further pass-rushers which was a surprise but, obviously, the franchise knows better than I do so who am I to second-guess their intentions?