NFL Draft 2017 – Arizona Cardinals Trade Up, Select Budda Baker!

Day 2 of the 2017 NFL Draft got off to an earlier-than-expected start for the Arizona Cardinals as they lept up 9 spots in the Second Round to add Budda Baker to their secondary!

The Arizona Cardinals had lost a lot at the Safety position in the off-season with the departures of Tony Jefferson and D.J. Swearinger and the addition of Antoine Bethea the only one to replace them. An ageing veteran, he likely wouldn’t have been a long-term option at the position so it wouldn’t have been a surprise to see the team address that need in the NFL Draft.

Perhaps it was a surprise to see them trade up with the Chicago Bears though – jumping 9 spots in the 2nd round and giving up a pair of 4th round selections and a 6th rounder for the privilege. Naturally people thought, “Yes, they’re finally going to get that quarterback” but no, both DeShone Kizer and Davis Webb remained unpicked.

The Arizona Cardinals opted for Budda Baker; an undersized safety out of Washington. Slightly smaller than the prototypical NFL safety usually is, that never stopped him from making tackles and plays in the Washington secondary and his attitude is probably one of the main reasons the Cardinals chose to make him the latest addition to their roster.

Reading scout reports on the player, the comparison to Tyrann Mathieu seems to be pretty apt when you look at him on the field. So now the Arizona Cardinals have Mathieu and a guy very, very similar on their defence…as long as he steers clear of season-ending injuries, he could be a superb addition to the Cardinals secondary.

With a 3rd round selection and pairs of 5th and 7th rounders to come over the rest of Day 2 and tomorrow’s final day of the NFL Draft.


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